Modern bathroom decor ideas

Modern bathroom decor ideas
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Modern bathroom. Nowadays bathrooms are spaces that can not be forgotten when we do a renovation at home. Here we propose some ideas and tips to make your bathroom easy and entertaining. Without forgetting to give it a modern and functional style.

Do not forget that the style of the furniture in your bathroom and the rest of your house should be according to your taste and personality.

The best paint for bathrooms

The very clear tones are excellent allies to make your bathroom look bright and wider. In fact, the option that will always look good is the classic style white on white (mirrors, containers and decorations in the same color or very similar). One recommendation is that if you choose a specific color for all your ornaments, then look for them to have different textures to avoid that it can be boring.

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bathroom paint
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Bathroom wall decor

If you have been thinking of placing prints on the walls, there is no a better place to do it than in your bathroom. Design of flowers? figures? lines?. They are perfect here. A tip that we can give you is that you look where most of the light is concentrated, and place the upholstery there, with this, you will be able to focus your attention on a single point, and it will make your bathroom look wider than it is

Bathroom wall decor

Modern bathroom shelves

Adding shelves is always a good idea to give life to a boring wall. Depending on your style you can choose the design or material that you like the most. If yours is a more modern and relaxed style, then opt for shelves of simple lines, which can be made of wood or bamboo. You can use them to place ornaments, organizer boxes or decorative plants. If what you need is space, you can place these chairs on top of the toilet

bathroom shelves

Bathroom storage

It includes storage spaces to keep your bathroom clean, organized and organized without any disorder in sight. As for storage, the current trend is the baskets that you can easily accommodate under the sink, on shelves or in any other place you want, gives elegance to your bathroom.

bathroom storage
bathroom baskets
bathroom storage cabinet

Ceiling light

Finally, the atmosphere is achieved first of all through lighting so that the chandeliers, the fixed lights, and even the candles are a central accessory. Choose the type of lighting elements depending on the space you have. If your bathroom is small, forget about the chandeliers and opt for a lamp hanging above the sink, and the mirror will help reflect its light.

bathroom light fixtures
bathroom vanity lights

If you want to create a spa space, in addition to a tub, do not forget to include a chair or table and a towel warmer. If you have a window, place natural plants in front of or near it. Fresh flowers will not only make your bathroom look more elegant, they will also add a sensational aroma. If this will be your zen space. You can even opt for paintings with a mantra or inspirational phrases for this space.

The rest of the ornaments are those that will give life or color to your bathroom and especially a touch of originality.

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